Frequently Asked Questions

What is Ins8?

Ins8 validates your business idea & pricing assumptions.

Have a question?

Get 100 answers, from those who matter to your business!

In 24/48 hours

Why Ins8?

Simplify. Evaluate. REPEAT. Go Agile.

Ins8 is an Agile marketing exponent and that's what makes us different. Our credo: KISS: Keep it simple, silly!

Why is it important to validate my idea?

Let's imagine that you are embarking on a journey to travel across India, south to north, in 150 days. You plan the trip and throw away the map, GPS and any other markings. A one degree error at the start of your journey could have you land up in a neighbouring country at the end of 150 days.

Ideate. Validate. Course-correct. Repeat.

How will you do it?

By asking one (or two) focused question to 100 respondents from your TARGET market (one particular category: B2C, B2B or Custom) and providing results within 24/48/72 hours.

If you have more questions, let's Loop. Learn. Repeat.

What is Agile?

Agile is a model that promotes continuous looping, to validate assumptions/plans, actionize them, assess each loop, tweak as necessary and start the next loop. Each loop consists of learning/tweaking that ensures we never lose sight of the overall objective.

Is 100 enough?

It is. For one question, for you to validate one assumption. A larger sample will help reduce the margin of error and we leave it to clients who want to run in on a larger sample size, in multiples of 100. Talk to us and we'll help you out.

Why can't I do it myself?

Of course you can. We encourage it as research evangelists. If you can, you must.

For those who don't have access to large profiled target market databases, or to a 40-seat Call center, or to licensed survey software, or to a large team of research analysts, Ins8 is always there to help out.

Economical, Effective and super-fast.


Transparent, you know what you are getting into – and such Idea validation need not be super expensive.

24 hour turnaround: Rs. 15,000/-

48 hour turnaround: Rs. 13,500/-

Can we go any lower? Sure, how about Rs. 10K?

The pricing also depends on your target segment (B2C, B2B, Medical or Custom).

Why do you charge this low?

Ins8 evangelizes data-driven decision making.

We are demystifying the myth that Idea validation or assumption-checks are very expensive.

Ins8 breaks down your objective to 1-2 core questions and adds our profiled respondent information to provide a good overview to address your assumptions.

If clients feel the price is low, we accept any additional payment from clients, with a smile!

Why should I pay first?

We saw a sign in a shop, attributed to Confucius.

"You ask credit, I no give. You go mad.

I give credit, You no pay. I go mad.

Better you go mad!!!"

Jokes apart, at this pricing, it is all about efficiency. We will start the work upon receipt of the payment and stay in touch with you right through the completion. With a lot of projects in hand, we cannot run behind clients for payment. We would rather invest that time in providing additional value to our clients.

How do I know if the project is on schedule?

It's all AGILE buddy!

We keep you posted on the progress at regular intervals. You can review the data when we complete 10 and 50 interviews respectively.

What if it doesn't work?

"What" doesn't work?

If the data/insight does not conform with your set expectations, your business plan will be that much stronger.

Ins8 tests your hypotheses/assumptions and provides a benchmark for comparison.


How will my deliverable look like?

An excel report with collated data in value and/or percentages.

If you don't deliver in 48 hours, do I get a refund?

What are we? A pizza joint?

No, if we anticipate delays in delivery, we inform you and work it out. The idea is to loop quickly and if that means we invest more time in tweaking, so be it.

Can I quote you externally?

Sure, we are a third-party and it's out job to address queries and give you a baseline to work with. When you quote us, we insist that you also quote the sample size that we have interviewed. If you want additional information on the methodology, happy to share.

Can I use your logo in my pitch-deck and business communication?

Sure! Again, you must quote the sample size that Ins8 has interviewed for the objective.

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